July 7, 2016

Making the Most of Your Garden this Summer

It is rainy season here while in some countries is time for winter or summer. A few months ago I started planting string beans. At first, it was growing nice but week after the sprout started to emerge, it suddenly started to grow “malnourished”.  Though the soil is very fertile, I figure out that it was placed in our small backyard wherein limited amount of sunlight. Then the plant started to wilt. 

My Mini-Garden
I decided to grow another one using recycled plastic bottles as pots and will be placed on the rooftop of our kitchen where an ample amount of sunlight will be received and during rain, it will get enough water too.

Having greens at home either ornamental or edible will give a lot of benefits to us. It gives oxygen, relaxation due to the green environment and food if you are planting veggies.

Here are some tips on you can grow your own garden at home.

Gardening is one of the many activities homeowners enjoy; namely during the summer months where you can choose from a variety of plants to add to the garden. Regardless of your limitations on space, how little time you have, or what your budget is, there are a few simple tips which can help you in making the most of your garden this summer and yielding a great harvest you can enjoy during the warm summer months. 

Maximizing returns. 
In order to maximize returns, regardless of whether you are growing a harvest to cultivate, or plants to spruce up the appearance of the garden area, you need to properly care for your garden. To see max returns you must grow high yielding varieties, water, and sow efficiently, and work in succession in the garden routinely, in order to see your efforts pan out. 

Go with perennials. 
In addition to adding a bright pop of green to any space, perennials are easy to grow and require very little work in any garden. Fill spaces with these crops, and choose items such as rhubarbs, plant based veggies, and varieties which require little to no water in order to blossom and grow. 

Harvest for years.
There are a number of vegetable based plants you can plant once, which will cultivate and grow for years to come. Asparagus is one such variety. Choose this, and other simple varieties which are simple to grow, require little space, and will maximize your garden annually, with little to no effort. 

Of course you need to add in items you love to look at. But, if you are new to gardening a novice, or simply have limited time and resources (space or financial) these are a few simple tips to ensure a thorough harvest, continual growth, and beautiful development during the summer, and months to follow. For more ideas on how to make the most of your garden then summer visit Gardenflame.

Do you have your own garden at home?