July 2, 2016

Movie Sharing: Miracles From Heaven

I haven’t shed tears before when until I watched this movie.

This movie was shown a few months ago. I read a lot of good reviews on this one so I decided to have a copy and watch it.

This movie is based on a true-to-life story of a girl who has been diagnosed to have intestinal disorder wherein the entire lower part of the digestive system has been paralyzed and loss its capability to digest food.

Their faith will be tested and will prove that miracles happen in our daily lives without knowing it.

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Last Sunday, I finally got a chance to view this movie and here is the synopsis:

Christy and Kevin Beam had three daughters named Abby, Anna, and Adelynn. Their family is very active in the church. But one day, Anna started to threw-up. Her tummy started to swell and every now and then hurts that she cannot bear it.

The couple decided to take her in a hospital. The first doctor said that it was just a lactose intolerance. But they don’t believe it so they asked for a second opinion and keep on searching for the correct diagnosis until one of the doctors told them that Anna is suffering from intestinal motility disorder.

They were also advised to bring Anna to Boston and look for Dr. Nukro. However, they need to have an appointment with Dr. Nurko but months passed, they still got any news about their appointment. This makes Christy decide to fly to Boston and try their luck.

At the hospital, Christy tried talking to the receptionist to give them spot even they did not have any appointment with Dr. Nurko. Unfortunately, the receptionist told her that she was just new on the job and she needs it so she only follows the rules.

After the hospital, Christy and Anna dined in a restaurant and there they meet one fo the waiters named Angela. Angela offered them to take a tour at Boston until Christy received a call from the hospital that they are given a slot for Dr. Nurko.

Anna was given medications but needs to have a check-up every 6 months because the drugs may have adverse effects on Anna.

Christy started to loose her faith and never attended the church again.

In one of their hospital visit, Anna met a new friend named Haley. She was her roommate suffering from bone cancer. Anna told her that she was not afraid to die because of her faith.

Returning to Texas, Anna’s sister Abby asked her if she wanted to climb the old cottonwood tree in their yard. This is the tree that they used to climb before. However, an accident happened when the branch they sit started to crack. Abby asked anna to reach the trunk but she fell inside the 30-ft tree.

After she was rescued, Anna’s condition miraculously changed. Her tummy started to become small and never complain about the pain even she did not take medications.

They went back to Dr. Nurko which won’t believe how it happened to Anna. All he can say is that her nervous system might have been reset after she fell inside the tree.

Christy and Kevin had a conversation with Anna. The kid told the couple that she had talked to God. While inside the tree, she saw herself lying down. She followed a white butterfly to a place where she was alone but felt very safe. She talked asked God if she can stay but it wasn’t her time. She needs to come back and promised to be healed.

Before the end of the film, the Beam Family attended the church where Christy speaks of miracles. However, one fo their churchmates questioned her that is it really true about Anna’s condition. It might just a way to caught attention or publicity.

Suddenly, a man stood and told everyone that it was true. She saw Anna’s condition while in Boston. He also told that before they met Christy and Anna, they don’t have that faith in their hearts. The man was Haley’s father. He also stated that Haley died peacefully because of having faith in her heart.

The movie ended the Beam family eating pizza in the yard.

Truly that miracle happen to us every day without knowing it.

Aside from the story, I love one of the soundtracks of the movie entitled “Collide”. This was being played during Christy and Anna’s flight to Boston.

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Have you seen this movie too?