July 18, 2016

Why Do I Play Clash Of Clans?

Clash of Clans is an online strategy game wherein you need to build a great base against the attackers. The is will be composed of defenses, training barracks, storage facilities, defense walls, town hall and clan castle.

Troops will be trained in the barracks using elixirs – dark and pink. On the other hand, defenses and buildings will be purchased using gold coins. Defenses and troops should be upgraded to attain a maximum defense and troops for attacks.

There are two categories in the Clash of Clans. The multi-player and the war. For the multi-player, this is being used to attack farm bases to gain trophies which will put you in a league. The war  game is the main a battle between members of another clan.

I was introduced to this game by my sister and brother in law.

At first, I am keeping the application on my phone since Mommy wouldn’t allow me to play this game. Maybe she is reading different articles that besides the game, there are some “evils” behind.

Others said that they are spending lots of money to buy gems for them to upgrade the base faster.

Or should I say, she is also afraid that Matthew might learn to play this game and will prioritize it than his studies? We used to hear that there are kiddos as early as 10 already play this game.

Good thing Matthew told us that he will never play this game because he doesn’t know how.

But lately, I was allowed to play Clash Of Clans.

Why I play this Game?

Mental Exercise.
By playing Clash of Clans, you are going to work you brain as fast as you can. After declaring an attack for the multi-player game, you are given 30-seconds allowance to think where to attack to get the most gold coins and elixirs. On the war mode, you are given 24 hours to study your opponent’s base.

Aside from the battle, you need to think how you are going to construct your base that will give the best defense against attackers.

Just like other applications, there is also a chat box where you can talk with other members of the clan. Ask for help on how to perform best in war, what troops would be used, what structures you should upgrade first and other even non-clash-of-clans topics.

Time Killer.
There are times that I don’t have something to do and I can’t even think of one. I spend my spare time playing Clash of Clans. Attacking will only spend few minutes and you need to wait for next few minutes to train your troops. During that time, I can already think of something to do and will forget to play until I got another spare time.

After work and during lunch breaks, I used to play Clash of Clans as sort of relieving the stress being encountered. Kahit papaano, it will keep you free from work mentally even for a short time.

These are the main reasons why I am playing this games.

Though there are articles regarding negatives of Clash of Clans, I find no harm in playing this game. All you need is discipline.

Do all your chores and responsibilities, at home, work or school, first before grabbing that device and start playing. If you cannot do this rule, better stay away from it.

Do you play this game too?