November 13, 2016

A Place To Call Home TV Series

Pinoy Teleseryes are good but most plots are cliché, meaning they have almost the same story. This makes me a bit uninterested in watching these soap operas.

I tried diverting my interest in watching foreign TV series and I found another quality TV Series. This time it is not from the US but from Australia entitled A Place to Call Home.

A Place to Call Home
Photo Source: FOXTEL

The setting of A Place to Call Home is in the rural part of New South Wales after the Second World War.

The story revolves on Sarah Adams who came back from Europe. After 20 years, Sarah returned and wanted to start a new life in Australia. 

On her travel going back to Australia, Sarah clashed with a wealthy family in the ocean liner – the Bligh, headed with Elizabeth.

Sarah saved the drunk James Bligh, Elizabeth’s grandson, trying to end his life by jumping off the ship. Elizabeth asked Sarah to keep the incident a secret among them.

Upon Sarah’s return to her mother’s house, she found out that her mother is ill and looking for her. Unfortunately, she needs to get out of the house since her mother refused to accept her. Sarah can only return to the house if she is willing to deny her being Jew.

Nothing to go, Sarah send a note to George Bligh, Elizabeth’s son, and asked help. George and Sarah had an immediate connection in the ocean line.

Knowing that she is a nurse, George referred her to Dr. Jack Duncan and started immediately as the new community nurse.

From there, the secrets of Sara Adams and the Bligh Family will start to reveal.

Who is Sarah Adams in the past? How was her life in Europe during Second World War? How she survived the war?

What are the secrets of Bligh family? Why did Elizabeth want to keep James’ suicidal act a secret? Why James do wanted to end his life?

How do Elizabeth and Sarah deal with each other?

A Place to Call Home Casts (Source: The Guardian)

Currently, A Place to Call Home airs on its 4th season but I am still on the 2nd. Though the series is set in the 1950s after the Second World War, there are lots issues there are seen in our current time. Every Episode is also full of twists and revelations.

You can watch all the episodes in Putlockers and if you want to download and watch it later, you can do this thru Internet Download Manager.

Are you a follower of this series too?