November 18, 2016

Repainting with Davies Paints

As mentioned before we are doing home repainting. As of today, I already finished the kitchen and in our dining area. more to go.Whew!

When we had our previous repainting two or three years ago, I decided to buy a pail of paint mixed in a paint center nearby. The paint lasted though there are areas that started to fade. The quality is not good since when you rub it with a wet rag, the paint disappears.

Davies Paints

I don't want this to happen again. this time, I decided to buy a trusted brand that will.last for years even it will cost a bit more. I opt to use Davies Paints.

Coat Saver

For the plain white or "flat", I opt for Coat Saver Flat Latex Paint. By the way, this brand is also made by Davies Paints.

First coat that hides the old paint

As to the description, it has high hiding capacity which is true. You can already see the difference after the first coat and after the second coat, you can no longer see any trace of the old paint.

Davies Megacryl

For the final color, I picked the Davies Megacryl Semi-Gloss Latex Paint. I did not buy the ready-to-use colors but opt to have white or base color and mix with the tint. This procedure is available at Ace Hardware, but I am not sure if all branches offer the same. By the way, I picked for the Mission Beige tone.

All you have to do is to pick the color you want from their "color fan", enter the code into the computer and voila, you got the color you pick.

One thing that is good with this method is you can have exactly the same color anytime. Unlike the ready-made, there is a possibility that the color you picked might run-out of stock.

Since the Megacryl is a semi-gloss, removing dirt or stain is easy. Just scrub it with a wet rag.

Davies Aqua Gloss-it

Since there are cabinets and doors to be repainted as well as the stairs, I need to have another color. This will be also used as accents or contrast to the color of the walls. Since these colors will be used in concrete, wood and metal, I picked the Davies Aqua Gloss-it. This is a 3-in-1 Water-Based, Glossy Enamel meaning it can be used for any surface.

To get its optimum painting ability, I did not add water to the paint even if a small amount is recommended

One more thing why I chose these set of paints is they have low odor. Parang walang nagpipintura sa bahay.

Grabbed from Instagram
I need to leave from here and continue my repainting task.