November 23, 2016

Home Beautification Project 2016 Update

Currently, we are doing home renovation or should I say beautification. Instead of hiring someone to do the task, yours truly made it, but of course with the help of Mommy.

The project is not as fast as expected since I can only do this after work and during weekends.

To give you some updates, I am already done repainting the kitchen and I have to add some shelves for the condiments.

Kitchen is almost done here
Since kitchen is one of my favorite spots at home, I am looking for the best anti-fatigue mat that will help lessen the stress caused by several hours of standing preparing for the week's menu.

On our living room, I finally made this simple wall where to place the TV.

Chemist Dad Working in the Living Room

The TV set is already in place and the Christmas Tree is already up but curtains, carpet and cover for the sofa is not yet finalized.

Our Living Room, not yet finished
I am also looking for a nice speaker to complete the home entertainment experience at its best. I want to have a unit that gives the best sound like how a shure beta 91 captures the beat of the drums.

There are still lots of tasks to be done and hopefully, I can finish these before the year ends. Later, I will be doing the repainting of the remaining walls as well as the stairs.

That's all for now and I will keep you updated on our Home Beautification Project 2016.