March 6, 2017

Switching to Globe DSL

I have been using my current internet service provider for more than 5 years now. However, I made my decision to change it. Sabi nga nila Walang Forever.

I switched to a DSL since according to most reviews, it is better compared to a wireless connection.

A couple of weeks ago, while cleaning the car, there is an agent from Globe offering a slot for a DSL in our area. May isa pa daw na line and open for applicants. I asked the offer and sounds good naman. However, I haven’t committed since I need to cut my current plan.

Globe DSL

After requesting for the cancellation of my subscription, I called the agent and asked if there is still available slot if I am going to apply for DSL installation. Luckily, it is still available so I made the reservation.

The transaction became smooth. I gave my personal profile and commit that the installation will be made the following day. However, it did not proceed since they have a prior commitment with another customer.

I was advised that the installation will be the following day na lang.  Sayang lang kasi I need to left the office earlier tapos hindi din pala maikakabit that day.

Anyways, bumawi naman sila, they are earlier than expected the following day. In less than an hour, the installation is done.

I choose the Globe Broadband Plan 1299 which comes with up to 10Mbps connection speed and 100GB monthly data allocation.

The plan is bundled with a landline with unlimited calls to Globe and Touch Mobile numbers, a standard subscription to HOOQ, NETFLIX and NBA for 6 months.

During the installation, I made a cash out of 1299 as an advance payment but this will be deducted from the first monthly bill.

Speed test

As of now, the browsing speed is faster compared to my previous ISP. Although the said up to 10Mbps speed is not yet attained, it is much faster compared to my previous connection.

The 24-month lock-in period has lapsed and I renewed to another 24-month contract. However, the new offer for Plan 1299 is 5Mbps with 400GB data capacity which replenishes on the first day of the month. The unlimited calls to Globe/TM is still in the bundle.

What ISP do you have at home?