May 4, 2019

Urban Gardening: How to Grow Lettuce from Stalk

It has been two weeks since I started doing another home project - Urban Gardening.

I started planting lettuce, tomatoes, and pepper in a plastic hanging pots. here it is now:

Aside from growing veggies from seeds, I tried making recycling veggies by letting it grow from the stalk.

How I do that?

I used Romaine Lettuce we bought in the market. I just make sure that the main stalk is still good for roots or make it grow again.

After removing the leaves, the stalk is placed in water for two to three days. Sorry, I forgot to take photos.

You will observe that a new leaf is emerging from the center.

The plant is then transferred to the soil and let it grow. After two days, here it is:

I am hoping that this will continue to grow and soon to be harvested.

By the way, I also tried germinating some seeds in a recycled pail. Here, instead of throwing the seeds into the rubbish, I tried to make it grow again. Look at this one, if not mistaken, this is a cucumber. It is now ready to transfer to a bigger pot.

How about you, do you practice urban gardening too?

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