May 22, 2019

Carnival at CLSU 2019

During our Holy Week stay in our hometown it was also our Alma Mater's founding anniversary celebration. One of the features during the event is the carnival they placed in the sports ground.

Matthew was already in Nueva Ecija right after their school spending his vacation. He keeps on telling us that there is a perya and frequently asks Mama and Papa to visit the place.

One evening, they went there and this brave boy chooses to ride the horror train. According to him, Mama and Papa did not want to accompany him so he went alone. Good that there are students na isinama siya sa grupo.

He is learning to be independent already.

We were still able to visit the place but since it was Holy Week, konti lang ang tao.

I just took photos of the different attractions like the color ball.

Here you are going to place a bet on the color of your choice before releasing the ball. When the ball stops on the same color you picked, you won.

Another one, I don't know how it was called, but all you need to do is toss a 1 peso coin in the board. If the coin centers the square, you won.

Aside from the games, there are also rides like the horror train, Vikings and this swing ride similar to the Flying Fiesta in Enchanted Kingdom. Unfortunately, these rides are not available when we visited. Kung open lang, I will definitely try the Flying Fiesta.
Horror Train
Flying Fiesta
I remember the last time perya or carnival was placed inside our school was way back on my elementary days. Where I got the fear of riding the Ferris wheel.

Before I go, please forgive me for this late post.

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