June 9, 2020

4 Best Ways To Add Curb Appeal to Your Commercial Property

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Looking to attract new customers to your business? If you want to bring customers in, you have to make sure your business has great curb appeal. Here the four best ways to make your commercial property look more attractive for your customers.

1. Update Your Landscaping

In order for your commercial property to stand out from competitors, you need to take steps to update the landscaping. Make sure your property’s lawn looks lush and green by keeping it trimmed and fed with an eco-friendly fertilizer. To soften the look of your property, plant plenty of colorful flower groupings and surround them with fresh mulch. Since maintaining your commercial property’s landscaping requires a significant investment of time and effort, it’s best to leave routine maintenance to a professional Lawn Service Charlotte NC.

2. Repair All Hardscape

Your paved areas, including all driveways, walkways and parking areas, are often a customer’s first point of contact with your business. Make sure your business is ready to welcome new customers by cleaning and repairing all hardscape on your business property. Patch what you can, but it may be necessary to re-pave these areas completely. Use stamped concrete to give these areas some visual interest and variation. Keep all paved surfaces clean and free from debris and your customers will have a safe way to move about your property.

3. Add Outdoor Lighting

Your business property needs adequate outdoor lighting in order to keep your customers and your assets safe. Replace burnt-out light bulbs and add new lighting fixtures where necessary. You’ll want to make sure that your parking lot and walking areas are brightly lit. For aesthetic purposes, you could also install a system of landscape lighting to highlight your business’ plants and vegetation. By installing quality lighting, customers will feel more confident coming to your property after dark.

4. Update Your Signage

Installing new signage is a great way to get your business noticed by potential customers. Consult with a professional design company to help you make a dynamic, eye-catching sign that will communicate exactly what your business stands for and provides to customers. They’ll also help you create a sign that conforms to all local codes. For maximum visibility, upgrade to a lighted sign to attract attention at any time, day or night.

Keeping your commercial property in excellent condition will signal to customers that your business is reputable and successful. By following these tips, you’ll surely attract more customers.

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