June 4, 2020

Few Things For Kids To Do During Community Quarantine

During the community quarantine, either ECQ, MECQ, or GCQ, kids are still advised to stay at home for their safety. However, they may get bored staying at home for long period of time.

How to kill their boredom?

There are several ways to keep your kids busy during the community quarantine. 

Here are some of the things we did at home to make our Little Matthew busy.

Eversince Matthew learn how to handle pen, he loves to draw.

You can level up their artistic skills through digital drawing. This will let use their creativity while enjoying their gadget time.

Instead of paper and pencil, stylus or mouse is used to draw with a computer or tablet. All you need is to have the software needed and an extra storage. Check the Rakuten site for examples of hard drives that will be dedicated to the digital drawing finished products.

Cooking or Baking
We encourage him to work in the kitchen too. Easy dishes like scrambled eggs or their favorite meal can be a good start for them.

For baking, simple cookies or chocolate crinkles may be a fun-filled activity for them.

Of course, you need to remind that they can only cook if you are with them to avoid unnecessary incidents.

Like once said by Senator Cynthia Villar, this is the best time to introduce agriculture to our kids. We can do this by urban gardening.

Letting them doing the simple soil cultivation or watering will help a lot. You can explain the importance of gardening.

It is also the best time for them to gain more knowledge about plants. How they grow, what they need, and other things about plants.

Crafts and DIYs
Since we are into DIYs and other crafting, influencing Matthew with these passions is a good option. 

We teach him how to crochet. This will not only let them gain new skills but also help them increase their patience and creativity. Crocheting also helps stimulate brain.

You can also introduce them into the Rhinestone Art.

Doing Household Chores
Letting kids help in household chores is another way to divert their attention. The simple sweeping of the floor, removing dust from picture frames, of just doing the vacuum of carpets and sofa will do.

There are still other ways to keep your kids busy during the community quarantine. Can you share other ideas?

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