October 20, 2020

3 Signs of Depression

3 Signs of Depression
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Many people go through periods where they feel sad, lonely or irritable. This is perfectly normal, as everyone experiences stressful situations such as the loss of a loved one or a source of income. When the symptoms do not diminish and negatively affect daily life, that could mean someone is experiencing depression.

1. Negative Thoughts and Feelings

While people with depression are often thought to be sad, that is not always the case. Depression may manifest in other ways, such as irritability, guilt, anxiety or feelings of emptiness. Negative thought patterns can emerge and cause people to relive unhappy memories or dwell on things they cannot control. In severe cases, people may think of harming themselves or others or consider suicide. Consulting a private licensed psychologist Pennsylvania for help can be a great way for people to learn coping techniques.

2. Lack of Energy

People who suffer from depression may be fatigued often. This can be accompanied by trouble falling or staying asleep or oversleeping. The lack of energy can seriously affect people’s ability to function during the day. Not getting enough sleep may further exacerbate other symptoms, leading to a worsened condition.

3. Loss of Interest

It can be difficult for someone with depression to concentrate properly, especially if they are having trouble sleeping. Feelings of hopelessness or apathy can contribute to people losing interest in things they used to enjoy. People who are depressed may stop attending social functions and may call in sick to work more often. A decreased sex drive can cause people to lose interest in sexual activity.

Anyone who is suffering from depression should know that they are not alone. They should reach out to others and attempt to get help. Talking to an experienced doctor can be a great way for people to find resources that will help them reduce negative thoughts and feelings and restore interest in daily activities.

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