October 13, 2020

Urban Gardening: Batch 2 Updates

Just before the community quarantine was implemented, I already have a small vegetable garden at home. I also keep sharing ideas on how I cultivate some of the vegetables like lettuce, sitaw, eggplant, and others.

Just to share a short update. My vegetable garden is already on its second batch except for eggplants.

My lettuce is still in its germination stage that after a couple of weeks, I will be transferring them.

The sitaws in pots were already climb up to the end of the pole.

They are already in its flowering stage and after 7-10 days I will start harvesting.

There are also ginger in the plant bed.

I have difficulties in growing bell peppers and this time, I tried placing them inside a mosquito net to prevent from direct sunlight. Also, September-January is the best time to plant peppers according to Department of Agriculture's Plant Calendar.

Kangkong and kamote are still growing, which I already harvested some last Saturday for our breakfast.



The calamansi is already bearing fruits while the lemons are starting to bloom.

The cucumbers planted in an old tire are climbing so fast that I need to make their trellis.

By the way, they are starting to flower and bear fruits.

Just like the cucumbers, the ampalaya is also climbing up its trellis.

After several tries of sowing seeds, the orka in pots is finally matured and heatlhy. Soon, it will show its flowers and develop into a fruit.

I also tried growing grapes this time and hopefully a success.

I also did some experiments in propagating indoor plants using recycled jars and bottles.

That’s all for now in my urban garden.

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