September 17, 2021

6 Signs You Need New Windows

6 Signs You Need New Windows
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Quality windows are a good investment for any home. Not only are they good protection for your home, but they are also made to last. Most window professionals say that quality windows last about 15 to 20 years before you need to replace or begin performing regular repairs to them.

Some of the signs that your windows need to be replaced include:

Cracked Window

This is perhaps the most obvious and can happen tone one of your windows any time. A warped, broken, or damaged window sash or frame not only looks bad, but can also compromise the safety and comfort of your home. It can also let in small vermin and insects.

Constantly Fogged Glass

Do you have double- or triple-pained windows that have a constant fooged-like appearance? If so, condensation may be getting trapped between them thanks to even the smallest of holes. If this starts happening on a regular basis, you should consider replacing the window.

A Soft Frame

If you have wooden windows, excess moisture can cause the windowsill to rot on the outside of the house. If the wooden sill feels soft to the touch, consider replacing the entire window and frame on the exterior.

A Sticking Window

Is your window constantly getting stuck when you open and close it? This can happen after you have had it for a while and are constantly opening and closing it. If this wear and tear are causing you problems, it’s probably time to replace the window.

Drafty Rooms

If there are cold drafts in your home through other openings besides the designated window opening — even after you have caulked and weather-stripped a few times — it may be time to get new windows installed.

Rising Energy Bills

Are your energy bills getting to be more and more expensive each month? If so, you may have a window problem. Typically, about 41% of recurrent household costs go toward heating and cooling your home. If you notice that energy consumption increasing, it is possible that your windows are the problem. Getting new windows to replace old ones can help cure the problem and keep your energy bills at a normal level.

If any of these issues could be affecting your household, it may be time to call in a professional to take a look. They can assess whether you may need to undergo a window installation project now or shortly and can provide a quote for the work.

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