September 18, 2021

Essex Medspa Laser Skin Rejuvenation Littleton


Living in an area with a high elevation is known to affect body functions such as breathing. One can become nauseous and suffer headaches. However, exchanging valleys for mountains can affect your skin as well.

Skin Takes Longer to Heal
If you live or spend extended time in places located at 14,000 or more, it will become harder for oxygen to reach your skin tissue. Stress hormones also increase. So if you have cuts or cracks on your skin, it will take longer to heal.

Skin Can Get Sunburn Quickly
Do you enjoy reaching the summit of a mountain? Reaching closer to the sun may feel amazing and make for a great Instagram moment, but it will also bring you closer to direct UV rays.
There is less atmosphere for the UV rays to pass through in the mountains - so there is also less protection. Trekking through the Colorado Rockies would expose your skin to twice as much radiation as a trip to the beach.

Skin Needs Extra Hydration
If you enjoy participating in the many outdoor activities available at high elevations, such as rock climbing, snowboarding, or skiing, your skin will be more susceptible to drying out. The dry air in the mountains can crack the skin. Like any good workout, intense outdoor activities will cause your body to lose water through perspiration.

Skin Will Easily Break Out
Your skin cells may become dehydrated from the low humidity. It may cause itchiness or breakouts from the build-up of dry skin cells causing acne.

Skin Will Need Extra Care Overall
Living in a high-altitude environment will require some extra skin care to combat the increased exposure to the sun and dry air. Here are a few suggestions for proper skincare at this level:

1. Find a good dermatologist or cosmetology professional to help you keep your skin in its best form and screen for skin cancer.

2. Keep a comfortably moist environment at home. Turn on the humidifier before you go to sleep.

3. If you exfoliate your skin at home, don't overdo it. Scrub as gently as possible

4. Make sure that you have a good moisturizer. Try different lotions and serums to see what works best for locking hydration into the skin.

Life in a city or country at a high altitude can come with scenic views and adventure. However, your skin will be under extra stress. If you are a Colorado resident, keep your skin refreshed with a visit to Essex Medspa Laser Skin Rejuvenation Littleton.

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