April 15, 2017

Spin Go: A Mini Stunt Car Unboxed

Matthew started his vacation in Nueva Ecija as soon as their class ended last month. After a week, we were advised by the school that he will be joining the Recognition Day since he is one of the “With Honors” awardees.

Mommy and I decided to surprise him something as a reward.

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We picked this Spin Go Mini Stunt Car

He really wanted to have this set every time we visited the Toy Kingdom and this is the perfect time to let him have this.

The package includes.

A car. 

The car has a powerful engine that can reach a scale speed of 190KPH and can travel up to 35 meters.  Battery is not required for these cars to run.

Only one car is included in each box but you can collect more. Each additional car cost 119 pesos.

A loop track and a base. 

Here is where a high-speed car can make a 360˚-loop stunt.

A merge track, straight and curve tracks. 

The merge track is where you are going to put the car that is ready for the challenge and travel the entire track.

A lane change device.

The car will experience a change lane stunt upon reaching this part of the track.

An ejection device. 

Once the car hit this spot, it will be ejected from the track.

A blast pot with paint pots and traffic cones.
After the car is ejected from the track, this blast pot with paint pots and traffic cone will the next target.

The track can be easily assembled and modified.

Let us start the challenge!

You need to reset the lane change device first. Then, press down the ejection device arm to stuck into the groove.

Fastly slide the car from back to front and put the car on the merge track and let it run.


Matthew really enjoys playing his new toy. He even changes the tracks into the way he likes. What he asked now is to buy the other 7 cars to complete the 10 available Spin Go Cars.

We got this toy at Toy Kingdom for PhP799.00.

Next year, if he continues to excel in class, instead of toys, we might consider item like music instruments at musiciansfriend.com or something connected to arts.

Do you give rewards to your kids too?