June 11, 2013

I'm Back

My previous week was too stressful that I cannot have enough time to update my blog.

Early last week, a stressful issue at my work arises. My subordinate was forced to resign immediately because of some “cheating” issues which make me take-over the work load until now.  Good thing that I have a friend that I can ask to help me whenever I am not around. Hopefully, our HR can find a replacement soon.

Midweek, I got sick because of my early jog. Thanks to all who wished me to get well soon. Tama nga sila, the second step is harder, but thinking of my goal, kaya ko 'to! I will resume my early morning routine and kailangan kong panindigan. LOL

Before I forgot, we only got 5 days to go before Matt’s birthday. To update, we are done with the invitations and Matt already distributed some of them to our neighbors. His birthday cake was also fixed. Good thing that tomorrow's a holiday, we can do other things for Matt's birthday.

Enjoy the rest of the week!