June 26, 2013

Jogging or Skipping?

Lately, I decided to have my early morning jogging sessions, but due to some health issues, I stopped for a while. I also planned to take it in the afternoon but Mommy recommends trying skipping rope instead. She told me that it is better than jogging and I can do this at home since it only needs little space.
Two days ago, started my skipping rope session in the afternoon and without noticing, I can skip 300-500 times and planning to increase every session.

I tried searching the net which of the two is better. Both are good for our health especially to our cardiovascular system.  However, when it comes to the amount of calories burned, skipping rope can burn up to 900 calories per hour, about 200 calories higher than jogging. In addition, skipping rope helps in toning legs, shoulders and arms.

Here is a photo of mine taken by Mommy. 
Skipping Rope @ home 
How about you, what are the things you done for your health?