June 21, 2013

Interpreting Dreams

Last night, I dreamt of one of my friends that walked with me on my way to church. However, since I knew that she already passed away two years ago, I tried to stay away from her because I was scared. I really don’t know what my dream means.

Did it symbolize numbers to pick in lotto or “jueteng”? What do you think?

I heard in one of radio programs some meanings of our dreams. Here are some:

Falling means that there are some failures to come in our life so beware.

Loosing tooth means that we are already loosing self-confidence especially in our physical features. I thought that loosing tooth means someone’s death. We are even asked to bite hard objects to counteract it.

Death symbolizes that a new start or spiritual becoming is coming our life.  Also, this means goodbyes to someone who will migrate to other place.

A calm water means a positive changes while wavy means negative ones.

Partner having affair means jealousy.

Snake means that there is a hidden threat in our way. However, when you dream molting snake, this means that there is a new start.

If you can’t scream, someone will try to pull you down. Beware of poeple with crab mentality. hehehe

Someone might try to manipulate you if you dream of spider. Also, this might shows worries of life.

If success is coming your way, you might dream of flying high. However, when you are just trying to fly, a revolt might arise.

Care to share your dreams and their meanings?