June 5, 2013

Not Feeling Well

Last night I am not feeling well that I have to go to sleep early. I got this because right after my early morning jog, I will go straight to the bathroom and take a bath without taking few minutes rest. Now I am  have cough and colds. Hope to get well in few days so I can go back to my morning jog.

The photo above is taken by Mommy last night. I have to sleep out of the bed to avoid Matt catch cough and colds too. According to Mommy, Matt said: "Wawa Daddy, Ser Chief, may sakit. Tatabi Mamatt".

How sweet isn't it?

Health Tip:
Do not take a bath when you are in extreme sweat especially after any physical activity.Apply ample amount of powder (cornstarch or cassava starch will do) on your back until powder won't get wet by sweat anymore. This will help block the open pores to prevent the coldness of water to go inside your body. Thus preventing you from getting cough and colds. (I didn't follow this tip for the past two days. LOL)