December 17, 2013

Gloc-9’s “Sirena”, “Katulad ng Iba” and “Magda”

The first time I heard Gloc-9’s Sirena, naaliw kaagad ako. Then I heard that there are other nice songs by him. I think these where all original composition by him. The other two songs that I like were about “prostitute” (sorry for the term, I cannot find an nicer word for it) and the other one is about bullying.

“Sirena” (Feat. Ebe dancel) is a story of Jose who happened to be a gay since he was a kid. His father keeps on beating him because he cannot accept the truth about Jose’s sexual preference. But one night, even with difficulty to speak due to cancer, his father asked forgiveness for all the things he did to him.

“Di sinusukat ang tapang at ang bigote sa mukha
Dahil kung minsan mas lalaki pa sa lalaki ang bakla” 
(The true measure of being  man is not by how
how brave he is or by the amount of mustache he has.
Sometimes gay are manlier than a straight ones)

“Katulad ng Iba” (Feat. Zia Quizon) is about bullying which is really in time as of now.  This also portray different trauma of some students who were bullied by others. This song also calls for help from others to fight and stop bullying acts especially in schools.


"Tayo’y maging mapagmasid tulungan natin sila 

Wag tayong maging manhid na katulad ng iba "
(Let’s be observant. Let’s help them. Don’t be insensitive like others.)

His latest single is entitled “Magda” (Feat. Rico Blanco). It is about the story of Ernesto and Magda. Magda went to Manila after meeting a guy for the thought that she will find her true love there. After several years, Ernesto went to Manila and try to look for Magda. He found where Magda worked but to his surprise, he found her dancing in the stage wearing only shoes. That night they went out together. When Ernesto woke-up, he found a letter from Magda telling him what happened to her.

“Alam ang amoy ng laway ng iba't ibang lalake

isa lang ang kaya kong sayo'y maipagmalaki
Ikaw lang ang bukod tanging hinalikan ko sa labi” 
(Though I know what the smell of different guys are,
there is one thing that I can be proud of,
you are the only one who kissed my lips.)

There are other songs of Gloc-9 about what is happening in reality. I’ll try to look for the others and share it here again.