December 19, 2013

Weight-Loss Using Hand Reflexology

Photo Source:  Swedish Massage and Indian Head Massage Therapy with Merve..
The year is nearing to its end and I am still 3kgs away from my target weight and instead of reducing the gap, it might increase due to holiday season. Still, I am glad because I shed about 2 kilos since I started hitting my goal last June. Minsan, medyo tinatamad kasi mag-exercise lalo na kapag weekends. LOL

Recently, I am searching ways or exercises while at the office to help facilitate weight-loss and I found something about reflexology that can also help achieving my goal just by stimulating some reflex points in our hands. This will only take 5 minutes every day and better if you can do this longer during breaks.

I am not saying that you are guaranteed to lose weight just by massaging the different reflex points. You still need to exert efforts on exercising and dieting too.

Here are the key reflexes that can help you achieve your goal. Refer to illustration above regarding the position of different reflexes. Stimulation of the following reflexes will:

Spleen – helps reducing hunger.
Stomach and pancreas – support maximum nutrient absorption even you are taking less food.
Gall bladder – the bile secreted by the gall bladder aids in emulsifying fats which is essential in weight-loss.
Endocrine glands – stimulating the endocrine glands (thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands) facilitate emotional and physiological balances. The lesser you are stressed, the better you got focus on your diet.
Relaxation responses – this helps you get a good night sleep.

How about you, what can you share about weight-loss?