December 26, 2013

Save on Your Electric Bill: Extreme Power Saver V3

It was on the news that our electric bill will increase this month due to increase in generation charge. Finally, last week, I received our Meralco Billing (November 16-December 15) and was surprised that our bill increases by about 500 pesos for a 10-kWh additional consumption. Mommy always reminds everyone at home to unplug any electrical appliances at home when not in use since it still consumes electricity. I know that this is not enough so we need to looks for other ways to save on our electricity consumption

One of our colleagues mentioned before that they are using a power corrector device to reduce not directly on the price to be paid but on the power consumption. Once the power consumption was reduced, the price follows. Wala naman kasi tayong magagawa pagdating sa presyo ng kuryente. According to him, even they used welding machine during their house renovation, their power consumption was not that high compared to the previous one.

I told Mommy about it and last Saturday, we purchased the said corrector device - the Extreme Power Saver V3 at Ace Hardware.
“The Extreme Power Saver V3 is a device that recycles the partial waste generated by inductive or motorized home appliances such as Air Conditioners, electric fans, Water Pumps, Washing Machines, Etc. the recycled electrical power is then fed back to the same circuit at the same time thus reducing the need for fresh electrical power.”
Installation is very easy. No need for any electrical wirings just plug the unit to any wall outlet and you’re done. To maximize the device’s efficiency, the manufacturer recommends to plug this alone or together with a very low power consuming device. Just in our case, I placed it where our router was plugged too.

The device is quite expensive but if this really works, try to think on the return of investment. Just like I told to Mommy, “Sigurado, ilang months lang, bawi na ung pinambili natin sa matitipid natin sa bayad kuryente.”

This holiday season, I was expecting that our electricity consumption will increase. So let us see if the device will work on that. I will post an update after I received my next billing.

By the way, we purchased the device on sale at 1799.75 pesos (regular 1999.75) with one month unit replacement warranty (in case not working) and lifetime service warranty.

How about you, what are the things you used to reduce your electricity consumption?