September 2, 2014

Matthew: The Future MVP

With the rampant innovation in technology, kids become more techie at a younger age. This lessens their physical activities where some resulted to obesity. This also affects their behavior. They become less patient because they are used to have a fast-paced transition acquired from the gadgets they played and watching TV. As parents we are still responsible to engage them into some physical activities.

Over the weekends, we are supposed to go to Nueva Ecija but Matthew got sick the day before our planned trip. So, Mama and Papa visited us here in Bulacan na lang. They bought Matthew a new basketball ring which I temporarily installed at home and of course, new toy cars.

Now every morning, Matt used to play basketball as his morning exercise. Here are his “Champion Moments” daw. This is what he calls on his moves especially when he shoots the ball into the basket. Pwede na bang pang MVP?
Matt and his Champion Moments (I created this GIF photo using Photoscape)

How about you, how do you engage your kids into physical activities?