February 16, 2015

Magnetic Bracelet and Its Health Benefits(?)

Magnetic Bracelets (Me, Mommy and Matt)
Last Sunday night, while arranging the buttons we bought at Divisoria, I saw the elastic string I bought to be use in repairing the magnetic bracelet I kept in the closet for several years.

Since there are no crochet orders at the moment, I started doing my magnetic bracelet. I added some metallic beads which I bought the last time we visited Divisoria. There are there are some spare pieces so I made another two for Mommy and Matt. 

Few years ago, wearing such accessories is not only for fashion but for medical purposes called magnetic therapy. This has been popular in ancient times especially in Egypt. They believe that this can help improve one’s health.

I searched the net if wearing such accessories can really bring health benefits and here’s what I got:

“Magnetic fields upon the body help to energize and boost the rate of circulationstimulating nutrient rich blood flow thus invigorating your metabolism by oxygenating the organs providing muscle and tissue more oxygen for mental and physical vigor while accelerating the ridding of body wastes, flushing out unwanted toxins, releasing more endorphins, the body's natural pain killers promoting repair and stimulating faster healing; improving the bodies anti-infective activity and enhancing immunity; normalizes endocrine production by helping to regulate and balance endocrine functions; affecting enzyme production for reducing swelling, stiffness and the acidity from wounds helping in reducing inflammation; stimulating collagen density in and around joints proven in studies to heal bones and joints faster and to help alleviate chronic pain and invigorate overall well-being." (Vital Wonders)

However, these claims are not yet proven scientifically. Although there are studies that wearing magnetic bracelet helps reduce pains of patients suffering from hip and knee osteoarthritis, there is still no clear evidence if this is due to the magnet or just part of the placebo effect.

Our Magnetic Bracelets
For me, wearing such accessories is just part of fashion. The black shimmering color gives a nice effect. If the claims are true, that will just be a secondary benefit.

Do you also wear such magnetic accessories?

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