February 4, 2015

Captured Moments: Rizal's Tallest Statue in the World

Rizal Shrine of Nueva Vizcaya
Riza Monumnet in Nueva Vizcaya
(Source: Vigattin Tourism)
Jose Rizal is considered as Philippines' National Hero.  At first, his tallest monument is located at Brgy. Casat, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. However, Jose Rizal is considered as "the greatest son" of Calamba, Laguna, they need to break the record and the tallest statue must be located in the said town.
The government of Laguna made the Tallest Rizal Monument and unveils on June 19, 2011 during his 150th birth anniversary.
The statue is sculpted by Toym Imao and situated in a park known as The Plaza in front of Calamba City Hall Complex in Barangay Real.
It is placed on top of a 2.8 meter podium consisting of 15-step stairway which symbolizes one decade since Rizal was born in 1861.
It also has a granite pedestal of 7.87 feet and a 13.12 feet circular stairway base. The monument's total height is 43 feet (equivalent to a four-storey building) and weighs 2 tons.
Jose Rizal's Tallest Monument
"The statue depicts Rizal holding a book in his right hand and is made of bronze. It stands 22 feet (6.7 meters) which symbolizes the 22 languages and dialects Rizal mastered during his time such as Spanish, English, German, Japanese, Chinese and others." (Wikipedia)

Here are other framed images of the statue.
Jose Rizal Monument at The Plaza, Real, Calamba Laguna

Jose Rizal's Monumnet

These pictured were taken during Matthew's Field trip last December as part of their itinerary.