February 5, 2015

Family Day Sundays: WOF + Marian Exhibit

Matt's Current Grades (Momaye's Diary)
Last Sunday, as promised to our Little Boss, we will treat him for the good grades he received after their 3rd quarter.

According to his teacher, he leaped 2 notches from his previous rank, 8th to 6th. Though he is not in the honor’s list (they only announced the first five), we are still proud of what he did. I heard that he is just 0.05 behind to be part of the top five.

Here's a note from his adviser - if he performs more this quarter, he might be included in the honor’s list in their final ranking.

I believe that putting pressure on him is a NO-NO. Ranking is not important to us. As long as we observe improvement and he learns a lot, that will be more than enough.

First, we attended the mass at Sta. Maria. Before the mass ends, there was an announcement that a Marian Exhibit is currently held in the church vicinity. I asked mommy if we can take a peek. I only took couple of pictures using phone since I left my camera at home.

Marian Exhibit, Sta. Maria Bulacan
Marian Exhibit, Sta. Maria Bulacan

Marian Exhibit, Sta. Maria Bulacan

We took our lunch at KFC Waltermart but Matt asked if he can have a burger from Jollibee. As a reward, I grant his request with an additional sundae.

Mommy and Matt while waiting for the requested burger.

After finishing our meals, we rushed to what Matt is waiting for – World of Fun where he enjoys bowling and basketball games. Of course, his dad enjoys more and this is the reason why I didn't have any photos. Hehehe.

After the tiring but fun activities, we headed back home and take some rest. Since Mommy is not feeling well, I cooked “Arrozcaldo Overload” for our dinner.

Arrozcaldo Overload (From Instagram)

 Before ending this post, here's a video of Matt singing another OPM song.

And that's how our weekend was.

How did you spend your weekends?