February 20, 2015

Are We Ready For This?

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Last Sunday, our new kasambahay ask to have her day-off. We grant her request but asked her to come back at 6 pm. It was already past 7 when Mommy asked where she is. We never received any response from her so Mommy called but she refused to answer but texted like this: “Ate, hindi ko po kaya ung trabaho.” After two weeks of working with us, she quits the job for one reason – “Akala ko po magbabantay lang ako kila Matthew and Nanay. Akala ko po hindi ako maglalaba at magluluto.”

Before hiring her, we already gave instructions on what be her tasks which includes not only taking care of Matthew and MIL, but includes laundry and cooking breakfast. "Kasambahay talaga." And with full of confidence, she accepts the duty. “Kaya ko naman po.” Also, she was trained by SIL for a week on what to do which means she has all the knowledge of all her assignments.
To cut the story short, we have no other choice but for Mommy to take temporary leave for work since we cannot find someone with that very short notice.

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Mommy is already considering the option of quitting her job and will be the one to take care of the two. Though I didn’t show nor tell Mommy, I am also afraid if we can survive with only me working for us.

We still have remaining two years to pay for our house, monthly bills, daily expenses, tuition fee, and other financial obligations. If we rely solely on my salary, it is just enough to pay our house’s monthly amortization. Though we have some savings, it may be dissolve too.

There are also many options where we can earn. We have our online shoppe, Mommy can work at home, we can start our dream sari-sari store but earning from these is not as stable as our job.

To answer the title of this blog post, I think we are not yet. However, I pray and hope that this is just part of the trials and we can survive all these with the help of HIM.
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Yes, HE responded to our prayers, SIL agreed to stay with us for several months until we find the right kasambahay and yesterday, she already arrived at home while Mommy returned to work today.