May 12, 2015

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Last week, we dedicated our Sunday to the most wonderful women – MOTHERS. By the way, belated Happy Mother's Day to all moms especially to Mama, Nanay Yolly, my sister and my one and only Mommy.

Next month, on June 21, it will be for Dad, Daddy, Tatay, Erpat, ‘Tay, Papa or whatever term we used to address them – FATHERS.

Giving gifts for fathers is more difficult than mothers. It really needs more time to think of what token can be handed to them on their special day. As early as now, some are already thinking of what gift to buy.

Aside from the usual gifts like clothes and shoes, here are other gift ideas that will definitely appreciated by fathers like me.

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Leathers – Belts, bags, and wallets are just some of the items in this category. Watch with leather straps is a nice option too.

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Gadgets – Smartphones, tablets, storage devices can be included in list. With the emerging technology, the market is offering brands and models with great specs at reasonable price.

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Perfumes – Like moms, dads are not prohibited to have special scents especially on their day.

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Wine and Liquors – These are definitely irresistible for Dads. To make it more special, you can look for some brands that offers personalized labels like the one above. I want to receive this too.

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Musical Tools – For fathers who are into music, a sing-a-long mic can be a best choice. Musical instrument added with accessories can be also a good pick too. For example, guitar completed with pick and drop d capo is a nice combination.

The mentioned above are just material things, what is more important is they appreciate all your efforts to fulfill your duties being a father. To all fathers like me, advance Happy Father's Day.

What are your Father’s Day gift ideas?