May 25, 2015

He's Growing So Fast!

Parang kalian lang, he was this small.

Matthew at the nursery
Now he’s already this big!

When I was at this age, I can already do some household chores at home - washing the dishes and cooking rice. Though I think it is good for a kid to learn such activities at home but I don’t want to force Matthew to do the same. I want him to enjoy more of his childhood, minsan lang magiging bata. There is right time for everything.

There are times he wants to do something by himself, Mommy and I still keep an eye on him. Like the girl in Nido's Mother's Day commercial, he also cried or become angry when he didn't do his milk or Milo unless he gave permission or talk to him nicely that someone will do it.

Just like one morning, I was in the kitchen preparing our baon at work. He thought I will do his Milo. He immediately told me: “Daddy, wag ka po muna magtitimpla ng Milo ko ha? Hintayin mo po ako.”

He is really leaving the toddler stage and turning into a little boy. Here are some evidences:

In a public restroom, I used to go with him in a cubicle and guide him to pee. But one time, there is a long line so I asked him to try the urinal for little boys. Now, everytime we went to a restroom in malls or supermarket, he will look for the urinal.

Matthew at the urinal

At the clubhouse, as much as he wants to try for the slide, he can't. He cannot climb the stairs alone. Now, look at him! He’s already on top and ready to take a slide all by himself.

Matthew on the slide

There are times I got worried for he might he asked me something to do with him but these things are not my forte. For example, what if he asked me to play basketball with him? Hindi ako naglalaro ng basketball.

For now, he loves doing what I do like cooking, baking, gardening, and crafting. There are times he assists me while making the dough for pizza, put toppings on cupcakes. But I know he's happy enough to do such things.

Matthew my little helper

Time flies so fast. In few weeks time, he is already 5. He keeps on growing rapidly. Though he is already a boy, he will still be our baby boy.

Kids grew up really fast. Aren't they?