May 26, 2015

Health Testing Made Easy


“The estimates that by 2030, the number of people with Diabetes (currently more than 180 million worldwide) will double to 366 million. Cancer incidence increased globally between 1990 and 2000 and is projected to increase further by 50%, to more than 15 million new cancer patients by 2025.” 

Many patients are getting lazy to do regular medical check-ups. It needs to visit a doctor, perform specific test and laboratory screenings, do follow-up check-ups, and many more.

Cost is also one of the concerns of some patients since it needs additional payment during the necessary follow-up check-up to get the results and discuss the necessary medications to be taken.

Some are afraid to get the results that might be revealed to others especially if it concerns with sexually transmitted diseases.

In order to solve such issues, there are companies that offer the same services to patients at their own comfort and less cost. Personalabs is one of these services.

Personalabs offers patients with improved and alternative way to get those results while saving time and money. How?

Personalabs management service allow the consumer to visit the website (, search the needed test from over than 300 tests available, place the order and Personalabs will provide doctors order in just a minute. Customer Care Specialists are waiting to answer any problems or inquiries.

Personalabs has registered doctors nationwide.  Just bring the printed confirmation order to over 1700 laboratory facilities nationwide.  The laboratory will then take samples (blood, urine, stool or semen). After this procedure, Personalabs will do the rest. Patient will be advised within 24-48 hours (some test needs 7-10 days), via email, that the test results are already available. The patient will then sign into Personalabs Patient Portal to view the results.

What are the benefits of using Personalabs?

100% confidentiality – Results are sent to private personal account viewable by the patient.

Quick results – Order placing can be done using computer, mobile device or by calling Customer Care Specialist (1-888-438-5227). Visit lasboratory and results will be available in 24-48 hours.

No appointment or waiting for long lines – Just go to the laboratory together with the printed confirmation order.

Share the results with the doctor – if patient choose to share it with the doctor, Personalabs will do it.

Personalabs accepts different mode of payments. Major credit cards, Paypal, Amazon Checkout, FSA cards and other pre-paid gift cards as mode of payment are accepted.

Since Personalabs offers the lowest price in laboratory testing, using health insurance is not accepted. However, admissible receipt can be issued in the patient needs to claim funds from the issurance company.

Live healthy by having regular check-ups!

Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own.