December 3, 2015

Unboxing Asus X555L Laptop

Mommy’s ultimate Christmas wish last year is to have her own laptop. She had already picked a model, but we choose to get a TV first. Since it has been a year since we have our TV, I think it is okay to grant Mommy’s ultimate wish since she receives a lot of online opportunities.

Last week, I asked if she still wants the laptop she saw in Abenson. She answered without hesitation a big “YES”.

Here are some information about Mommy’s Asus X555L laptop.

The laptop has great with features like 1TB storage (divided into C and D), 4GB RAM, 2GB Video Card, windows 10 operating system and an Intel core i3 processor. Please don’t ask me about this features for I am not a techie person but with this features, I think it is already more than enough.

It has three ports for thumb drive or USB, a VGA and HDMI ports, memory card slot and optical disk drive.
Top: VGA, HDMI and 2 USB ports/
Bottom: Optical disk drive, 1 usb port and memory card slot

It has a wide screen of 15.6 inches (diagonal) making viewing movies more enjoyable.

15.6in Screen

See how Matthew enjoys watching the music video of Alden Richards’ Wish I May.

Matthew watching Wish I May (Grabbed from FB)

The numerical keys are already separated making it easier to type numbers. Also, the keys are ergonomically designed which provides 1.8mm of key travel and minimal key float giving you more solid typing experience.

Ergonomically designed keyboard

Though it has a Zen-inspired finish for an elegant and metallic look, this seems to be a slight disadvantage for me because fingerprints and scratches are more noticeable. Frequent wiping can remove the fingerprints, though.

Zen-Inspired Finished surface with few fingerprints

Anyway, here are the other features that might catch your interest and you may include Asus X555L in the models to be considered in buying a new laptop.

Long-Lasting Polymer Battery
ASUS X series laptops feature a Li-Polymer battery that gives you up to 800 charge cycles — 2.5 times the lifespan of standard Li-ion cylinder batteries. On top of that, a Li-Polymer battery retains up to 80% of its original charge capacity even after hundreds of charge cycles so you won’t have to worry about deteriorating battery performance. Thanks to a clever combination of hardware and software optimization, the battery adheres to the highest battery safety standards and gives you optimal charging performance to prolong its lifespan.

Short Circuit, Cell TCO, Charge, and Temperature Protections
The battery automatically shuts off when the control board detects a short circuit. The battery has a transparent conductive oxides that guard against overheating. Furthermore, overcharging is prevented by cutting off the electric current when the battery is already full.
There are built-in sensors that ensure the batteries are working in a safe temperature. Charging will stop once a high temperature is detected. Since the battery is made of polymer, it has a higher level of safety and reliability.

Larger and Smarter Touchpad
The touchpad has a dimension of 106mm x 74mm which is larger compared to others. It has also a pal rejection features which can differentiate between an actual fingertip and palm contacts.

IceCool Technology
This is a unique internal design that prevents heat build-up in the palm rest.The palm rest surface stays between 28ºC to 35ºC even after hours of use.

There is a professional codec that ensures precise sound performance while an optimized amplifier, larger speaker and resonance chamber delvers powerful audio output and deeper bass. An additional signal processing helps fine tune the hardware, filter noise and improve clarity giving the best audio result.

Eye Protection
Asus Eye care mode reduces the emission of blue light by 33% making more comfortable on eyes and prevents from possible eye fatigue and other ailments. Blue lights are often emitted by LED panels which causes macular degeneration and retinal problems.

For more features and information about ASUS X555L, you can visit the Asus Website