December 19, 2015

Christmas Carolers

Six days to go before one of the most awaited days of the year. Christmas is not complete without carolers stopping in front of your house and sing their songs.

In our place, there are already carolers roaming around the subdivision either in a group or in solo. They bring their own tools to accompany their songs and most are improvised – maracas, tambourine, cymbals, and drums.

A Typical Pinoy Carolers (Photo Source: Stranded Juanderer)

I remember back in our hometown, there are groups like fraternities/sororities and other organizations in our university that will give envelopes which will be collected on Christmas eve after singing in front of the house. They bring their own instruments like guitars, portable keyboards, bass clarinet, and portable drums.

The number of carolers usually increases as Christmas day approaches.

Matthew is very fond of the carolers, but he used to say “Patawad! Balik na lang kaso sa Pasko.” (Sorry for now, just come back on Christmas day.) Haha.

Did you join caroling too?