December 12, 2015

Matthew's Educational Trip 2015 (Last Part): Hansa Hand-Crafted Creations

Hansa Hand-Crafted Creations

In Part 2 of Matthew's Educational Trip, I mentioned that Hansa Hand Crafted Creations helps in saving Mother Nature.


They are recycling plastic bottles to become fiber fill and used as fillers in stuffed toys. From the name itself, the majority of the processes in making stuffed toys are made by hand.

The guy on the top left is the owner of Hansa (I forgot the name)

The stuffed toys are really adorable. Not only kids but parents and teachers were also fascinated with all the things around them. We can take unlimited photos, touching the items are strictly prohibited.

Though Hansa is operating in the Philippines for more than 20 years already, their finished products are for export only.

Here are the photos taken from Hansa Hand Crafted Creations.

Matthew and the toys

In the two bottom photos, Matthew's smile is different. He is actually afraid of the big and black monkeys and the very huge spider on his back.

Who love dogs by the way?


Look at Matthew imitating the dogs pero ang totoo, natakot sya nung nag-bark at gumalaw 'yung isa. Yes, some of the animals are moving and making sounds.

Matthew imitating the dogs at the back

What to go back in Dinosaur era?

Matthew and the T-Rex

How about experiencing winter or north pole with these animals?

North Pole

The Penguins

Or a white Christmas with these white reindeers?

White Reindeers

What are the animals boarded in Noah's ark?

Noah's Ark

Want to visit Safari and mingle with wild animals?

The Lions

Or the Rainforest nearby?

The Rainforest

Who's talking with the polar bears? Yes, these two polar bears are having conversation about Hansa.

Mommy and Matthew
Looks who enjoyed most of the toys.

Time for me to take a pose with these life-size or giant animals. 

He wants to have a selfie too. lols

Most field trips are not complete when this next destination is not part of the itinerary – shopping. Since we are in Clark, Puregold Duty-Free is the last destination. No pictures this time since I need to leave my camera in the coach.

Matthew taking a nap on our way to Clark

After the long, tiring but fully packed day, I know that Matthew is very happy joining this year's educational trip. He even asked us: “Saan po kaya ang susunod na field trip?”

That's the end of Matthew's education trip 2015.