December 7, 2015

Matthew's Educational Trip 2015 (Part 2) : Ocean Adventure

After the short visit to San Guillermo Church, we headed directly to Subic Ocean Adventure. We are lucky to arrive in time before the first attraction starts.

Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

The first attraction is all about the wildlife. But we were first taught how to make a fire by using a bolo and bamboo. Different animals like white rats, owl, civet cat, hornbill, bear cat, bat, phyton, and, of course, man’s best friend – dog were presented with some information about it.

How to start a fire demo

One funny part of the presentation is when they told everybody that their phyton was missing and it was in a black backpack placed in the audience area. Everyone was surprised and started to panic thinking that it was under their seats.

Top: Owl and civet cat
Bottom: Bear cat and horn bill

Top: Bat and horn bill
Bottom: Friendly dog and phyton

Who are familiar with Talentadong Pinoy’s Zion Show? How about the Velasco Brothers of Pilipinas Got Talent? They are the artists of the second attraction. Actually, I was a fan of these two groups. I was hoping to have a photo opportunity with them after the show. Unfortunately, we need to go to the location which is our lunch.

The Velasco Brothers and Zion Show

Balancing acts of Velasco Brothers

By the way, food and bottled drinks, except water, are not allowed to be brought inside though going to Ocean Adventure includes a free lunch.

After having our lunch, we proceed immediately to the third attraction – the Dolphin Show. This part is one of Matthew’s most awaited. He even asked us to go down the platform and have the ride with one of the dolphins.

This is not just an ordinary Dolphin Show. It has a short comedy skit showing the skills and characteristics of the said warm-blooded mammals. One of the students from Matthew’s school had a chance to have a close encounter with the dolphins.

The Dolphins

I uploaded a video on the last part of the show in YouTube. Please bear with the quality of the video since we are seated on the middle part of the stadium.

Last attraction is the Sea Lion Show. Sea lions and seals are commonly identified as one. It identifies differences between the two. Of course, different skills of sea lions were presented.

Simba and Sophie the Sea Lions

They even asked one of the audiences to have a challenge with the Simba, one of the sea lions. Unfortunately, the volunteer got wet when he slid on the floor and fell into the pool. He got free clothes and shoes from their souvenir shop.

I also uploaded a short video in YouTube.

The wet volunteer afraid to touch Simba

After the different attractions, mini-museums were also shown to us.

Sea Trek Museum

Ocean Discovery Aquarium
One thing Ocean Adventure wants to impose on minds of every visitor which parents must let their kids understand is to preserve Mother Nature to save and protect lives of different wildlife either in land or water. A simple act of waste segregation can really make a great impact to our environment.

Another best time to visit this place is on summer. I hope that they are going to add other attractions that fits the season. Adult inline skating is another great way to enjoy the summer and learn a new sport, check out Skates HQ to see their reviews for adults.

Here are other random photos in Ocean Adventure:

Mommy and Matthew

Matthew and his classmates


Kids, Parents and Teachers

Speaking of saving the earth, our next stop is in Hansa Hand Crafted Creations located in Clark Field Pampanga which is will share on my next post.

Have you visited Ocean Adventure too?