August 6, 2015

Throwback Thursday: A "Tough" High School Life

One of the toughest years in my high school life is our senior year. Why? Aside from the fact that we must do our best in our remaining months, subjects are quite difficult. Our school is under science curriculum which is very different from other schools. Some of our subjects are already advance and only took by college students. Earth Science, Advance Trigonometry with Calculus, Advance Physics, and Statistics are just few advanced subjects.

We are also required to have a group thesis and feasibility study for our Research and Integrated Technology subjects, respectively. If we failed in these two requirements, we will not have our diploma.

Class Picture SY 1995-1996

Since the Philippine Carabao Center or PCC is built inside the campus, we opt to have Dairy and Dairy Products as our feasibility study. The task became easy for us since all of the resources were already nearby and some of the employees of the institution were known by our parents.

Based on our study, the return of investment in doing dairy products such as pasteurized fresh milk, pastillas, polvoron, cottage cheese and others are pretty high. However, if you are going to have your own dairy farm, the starting capital is also high.

Our teacher asked us: “Where will you get the money needed for the farm, carabaos and other facilities?”

The only possible source for this is thru bank financing. But what bank will lend us the amount of about 10M to start the business without any collateral?

After the discussion, we ended that having own dairy farm has very low possibility but processing of dairy products is great. For starters, buying milk from dairy farm like PCC and process it to desired products can be a nice option.

Nowadays, there are companies that offers factoring credit lines like dairy industry financing from 1st Commercial Credit. It offers about 25M monthly funds to dairy processing plants, suppliers or service providers.

Another requirement is the thesis. Yes, like college a complete manuscript is required for us in able to pass the senior year. With the same group for the feasibility study, including Mommy, we worked on the Different Techniques to Enhance the Germination and Growth of  Mahogany Seeds and Seedlings. Sounds very technical, right?

We tried to determine the effects of using different kinds of soil – acidic, neutral and basic, and use of growth hormones in the growth of the chosen plant.

Though there are significant differences, I think it only worked on the early stage of growth. You may not need to induce its progress since the hormone needed is very expensive.

Some say that high school life is the best which I have to contrast this. For me, college life is more fun.

How was your high school life?