March 17, 2017

Sense 8 a Netflix Series

Just like what I have said before, I used to watch foreign TV series rather than Pinoy Telenovela. For now, I just want to share another series that caught my attention. It was entitled Sense 8, a Netflix Original series.


This series is about eight strangers with different cultures from different part of the world known to be “Sensates”
The sensates suddenly experience a vision of a woman named Angelica who had a violent death by killing herself with a gun. The cluster of sensates are Capheus, Sun, Nomi, Kala, Riley, Wolfgang, Lito and Will.

Each of them has the ability of mental and emotional connections which enables them to communicate with each other including their skills, knowledge, and language.

Capheus or also known as “Van Damme” is a matatu driver from Nairobi. He was called as Van Damme because he is a big fan of the Jean-Claude Van Damme. He wants to earn more money to help his mother buy AIDS medicine.

Sun is a daughter of one of the well-known businessman in Seoul. She is also a star in underground kickboxing. She was imprisoned by admitting the anomaly that happened in their company.

Nomi is a transwoman from San Francisco with a girlfriend named Amanita. She was a blogger and a hacker. Nomi stands for “Know Me”.

Kala is a pharmacist from Mumbai. She was engaged to Rajan whom she does not love.

Riley is lives in London. She works as a DJ who wanted escape her past in Iceland.

Wolfgang lives in Berlin. He works as a locksmith but has the skill to crack safe boxes. He has unresolved issues with his father and involves in different crimes.

Lito from Mexico City is a closeted actor with a boyfriend named Hernando.

Will lives in Chicago as a police officer who happens to have nightmares from an unsolved murder in his childhood.

Aside from the sensates, there is another person who has the ability like them named Jonas. He is protecting the sensates from the so-called “Whispers”, who leads an organization that wanted to kill the eight individual by connecting into their psychic link.

How will they protect each other from Whispers? Will they actually meet in person or thru their psychic link only?

By the way, there are 12 episodes in season 1. As of this day, season 2 has only 1 episode where the next episodes will be released starting May 2017.

Have you seen this series too?