March 13, 2017

The Healing Galing Experience

I kept on promoting the Healing Galing products here on my site as an alternative way to cure illnesses. Unknowingly, I will have, my father rather, will be one of the patients through this alternative medicine.

To begin the story, Papa took a week-long vacation at home since our house help left us.

He got a fever the following day. According to Mama, he worked under the rain before going to Bulacan. I gave him paracetamol. Along with the fever, he also got a cough.

After a week of stay at home, he went home because of Nanay, my grandmother, switched as Matthew’s yaya for a while.

Then I receive a call from Mama that Papa’s cough is getting worse. His body weight has dropped. At first, we thought that this is because of his being diabetic

I asked her to bring Papa to a doctor for a check-up. The doctor advised having an x-ray because his cough is already more than a week. The result showed that there is a is a “hilar mass” in his right lung and to have a better diagnostic, he was recommended to have CT-Scan and biopsy and look for a pulmonologist.

I brought Mama and Papa here in Bulacan and seek for a pulmonologist where we got the same recommendation of having a CT-Scan.

The CT-Scan showed that the hilar mass is already about 7 cm and swollen lymph near the heart area were also observed.

I brought back the result to the doctor for interpretation. Just like the first doctor in Nueva Ecija, a biopsy is recommended to determine the status of the hilar mass if it is cancerous of not.

Furthermore, according to the pulmonologist, if the mass is cancerous, with that size, it is already on the 3rd stage.

Papa also sent sputum samples in the laboratory to determine if he has a TB. The result was negative.

We keep these findings from Papa baka kasi mas lumala kapag nalaman nya. We asked him if he is willing to undergo the biopsy but he refused for the fear that this might trigger the cells and may create more problem.

So we suggest trying an alternative thru Healing Galing.

Since there is a nearby branch in Nueva Ecija (San Jose City) and the consultation is free, they visited the place showing the laboratory test results.

Papa was given medication like Calcutab, organic vitamins B1, B6 and B12, Serpentina tablet, and the Healing Oil. He was also given Rhizome Pills because he has signs of having high uric acid.

Aside from the medications, there are also some instructions on the foods to avoid and some lung exercise.

On the first week of medication, Papa started to throw phlegm as he coughs. Then after few days, he started to take out lumps of blood and experience severe pain in his chest area. This gave them scare so I told them to contact Ma'am Cherry, the Naturopathic Practitioner.

According to Ma’am Chery, there is nothing to be scared because the medications were starting to take effect. The lumps or mass in his lung is already starting to expel. His cough will not stop until his lung is cleared.

Papa is already thinking that his condition is already on the severe stage and he may die soon. We just encourage him them to have a positive attitude and he will get better soon.

Papa was also given Tawa-Tawa Tonic to drink after releasing blood.

After more than a month of treatment, the cough is already gone. The medication continues for almost six months now and we are just waiting if Papa is allowed to undergo another X-ray. We are hoping that the results will be clear.

I was happy that because of this experience, there are many friends that started to believe in Naturopathy. Aside from the so-called holistic approach in natural medicine, having Faith in HIM will also help in getting better.

Do you also have experience in Naturopathy?