January 25, 2015

Enchanted Kingdom Experience

This post is already a long overdue. Mommy already made a post on this as part of Matt’s school field trip. I will just share my experience at Enchanted Kingdom. 

After entering the gate, the Grand Carousel welcomes us and this was our first ride. Matt loves riding the carousel. Mommy was a bit afraid because of motion sickness but she comes with us too. Sayang din kasi binayad.Hindi naman pala nakakahilo.” claimed by Mommy after we alight.

We took a walk to look for the other amenities. Then we saw the Rock Quarry. While Matt and Mommy are waiting in line for Matt's turn, I take a peek and play fishing where I got Nemo.

Then we took the train - Boulderville Express.

Carousel and Boulderville Express

Time for the Wheel of Fate or the giant Ferris Wheel. Actually, I got phobia in riding Ferris wheel due to childhood experience but it is time to conquer my fear of heights.

At first, the ride was smooth but after two turns, the wheel stopped for loading and unloading of some passengers that had finished their turn. Guess where we are? Half-way going up! This triggers my fear again.

Wheel of Fate

After few moments, it moved and and stopped when we are at the topmost part of the wheel. Matt kept on moving that made the gondola to swing back and forth. Samahan pa ng force ng hangin. My fear started to grow more and tried not to move. This is the reason why I cannot take a good shot of the views below.

I only felt relieved when the wheel moves again and we are just near the unloading part.

It was a great experience and I might take that ride once we visited the place again.

Views from the Top

Then, I asked Mommy if we can have a ride on the Flying Fiesta. She declined but allows me to go by myself. I made a hurry to catch before the next round.

When it started to move, I thought of asking the operator to stop because I am starting to get scared again. Scared that the chain might snapped off and throw me away. But asking the operator seem impossible, so I prayed that no bad thing to happen.

Wave Swinger

As the ride moves, my fear seems to vanish and started to enjoy. After few minutes, I thought of taking another round. 

After the thrilling experience at Wave Swinger

After those rides, we took rest while Matthew returned playing the Rock Quarry.

Our tummy started to look for something to eat but the prices of the food is almost 50% higher than the regular price to we just ended eating outside the park. Still a bit expensive especially the drinks like mineral water that costs 35 pesos for 355ml.

For those who wants to go there, be sure you have lots of food and drinks in the vehicle. You can go back to your car anytime as long as you have the stamp on you.

We took a rest on one of the benches enjoying the Christmas songs and the cool breeze of the wind while waiting to the fire works display. Sorry for the blurry photo. I used the front cam on night mode of my phone.

Sitting on a bench waiting for the fireworks display

Enhcnated Kingdom's Fireworks display

With this trip I guess it is not Matt who enjoyed more. Guess who?

Time to have a solo pic.
Did you enjoy visiting amusement parks too?