March 19, 2020

3 Keys To Making the Most out of Your Next Move

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Moving is among life’s most stressful events, yet it’s something Americans continue to do. In fact, changing residences is such a common practice that it typically occurs more than 11 times during a citizen’s life. That’s a lot of packing and unpacking, which is perhaps why 85 percent of movers opt for new abodes in the same city or state. Staying in a familiar region eliminates or reduces much of the stress, from temporary considerations like logistics to long-term issues like lifestyle changes. Those brave souls who embark on long-distance relocations don’t have it so easy, however. They must deal with an entirely different set of problems, from finding new friends to learning local culture. If you find yourself settling in a strange place, here are three tips to help you move from anxiety to excitement.

Meet the Neighbors
Even when moving with family or a partner, you’re going to need a new social circle. Making friends is a process, however, so start with one neighbor. He or she can introduce you to others, and before long, you’ll have a new group to call your own.

Locate Vital Services
Your new friends will be a great source of knowledge about the best – and worst – services in your new community, like restaurants, schools, churches and medical providers. Individuals also will find valuable information online, where review sites offer ratings and recommendations on everything from dry cleaners to dance studios. Many even include a message board feature where you can inquire about personally relevant topics like where to wash my car in bel air md or your new location.

Embrace the Culture
Whether you’re moving to a new country or just an unfamiliar part of America, there are brand new experiences to enjoy. It may not be the flavors, sounds or style you are used to, but open yourself up to trying something different. It will help you fit into your new surroundings, and you’ll be surprised how often you find something you love.

Moving is never easy. It can be a smoother experience, however, when adhering to these tips

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