March 21, 2020

Parts Of A Military Uniform

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What a soldier wears for a uniform makes them distinctive from a civilian. Each branch of the armed services has a different style of clothing yet the same components. These are the parts of their wardrobe.

On the dress uniform, a soldier would display their military decorations san antonio tx.on their chest. They are also required to wear a dress shirt, undershirt, and tie. When they are on active duty, they wear a T-shirt in the summer and long sleeved shirt in the colder months. Both are covered by a jacket.

Apparel worn on the legs while in the field are referred to as trousers and are puffed out above the footwear the soldier is wearing. They are the same tint as whatever they are wearing on top. If they are wearing their dress uniform, men’s trousers are well ironed with the correct pleats. Women can opt for a knee long skirt as well as the same type of pants that her male counterparts are wearing.

Boots are always worn in combat with the pants tucked inside them. When there is a physical training exercise, troops are allowed to wear tennis shoes. While in their dress uniform. Both make and female soldiers must wear dress shoes.

Head Protection
Every member of the military wears some form of headgear. They can vary from a baseball cap to a helmet. The commander of that particular division determines what their soldiers will wear while they serve. These accessories can protect the person from the sun if they are outside most of the day or can keep them safe while they are in battle, especially if they take a hit near the head. Any other additional equipment is decided by the head of the unit and usually has to do with whatever task the group is doing at the time. 

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