March 12, 2020

Simple Tips on Car Aircon Maintenance

Kia Picanto, car aircon, tips on aircon maintenance, car, auto tips
On our way to work last monday, Scarlet's air conditioning system started to malfunction so with its radiator making its engine overheat.

Good thing I was able to detect and refill the reservoir with water before it runs out.

Upon checking with a car aircon, it was found that the pressure in the compressor drops as well the freon leaked. There are no leaks found on the tubings inside the hood and I was advised to check for the evaporator.
Kia Picanto, car aircon, tips on aircon maintenance, car, auto tips

Checking the evaporator will require removing of the dash board and needs leave the car in the service center for few days. This will be using 
comparison of car lifts, like the one in Best Buy Auto Equipment to completely check all the tubing system.

I opted not to do this for a while. I will bring Scarlet to other specialist for a second opinion.

For the meantime, here are some tips in taking care of car air condition system:

Keep the AC running
Some used to turn off the AC system during cold weather. Aircon does not only provide cool air but it can also help remove moisture in from the car interior. This also helps prevent the formation of fog on the windshield.

Keeping the AC runs even on cold weather maintains the gas pressure and helps the compressor function properly.

Use the air conditioning (AC) system properly
Before running the AC system, let the engine heat up, turn the aircon on the highest level then open the window to let the heat exit. After a few minutes, close the windows and lower the aircon level.

Regularly clean the air filter
The air filter case is usually located at the back of the glove box. Remove the filter and clean it to remove debris and dust. This can be clean with soap and water and let it completely dry before placing it back to the case. 

According to some aircon specialist, the air filter can be replaced with a new one every 6 months.

Do periodical maintenance
It is recommended to have a regular tune-up of the airconditioning system. Evaporators, compressor, and condenser are the major components that are being checked during preventive maintenance.

Normally, every 2 years, the system needs to checked to prevent grime build-up. 

But beside all of the tips mentioned, it is good for a car owner to be observant of the air conditioning system. This will help reduce costly repairs and severe damage.

Do you have any tips to share on car air conditioning system maintenance?

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