March 25, 2020

How to Recycle Household Items

If your city or county offers curbside recycling, simply ask for a bin and follow their instructions. If curbside service is not available in your area, you can still save recyclable items by designating a special container in your kitchen or garage to keep them. Once the container is full, take it to the closest recycling center. Here are some of the items you can save.
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Different types of plastics can be identified by a number on the bottom of the container. Ask your local recycling center what types of plastics they recycle, and begin saving those containers after using them. Be sure to rinse them out and replace the lids, which can also be recycled.

Most recycling centers accept aluminum cans and metal food cans. Another way to recycle metals that helps you, too is to sell them to a scrapyard. Tin, iron, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel can all be traded for cash. If you are curious how much money you could earn, check the current scrap metal prices PA.

Glass containers of most colors can be recycled. Separate the colors if required by your local recycling center, or leave them together for single-stream recycling facilities. Do not place items such as drinking glasses or mirrors into the bin, and do not include broken glass. Broken glass bottles may cut a worker who handles the materials, so they must be discarded in the trash instead.

Most types of paper can be recycled. Examples of paper that cannot be used again are paper towels, tissues, sticky notes, and wallpaper. Brown paper bags should be included with cardboard. Another option for paper is to put it in a compost bin to decompose naturally.

By recycling the above items, your family can do its part to help keep trash out of the ocean and landfills.

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