July 17, 2021

Bounty Fresh Group Held Its First Annual Technical Summit

Last week, Bounty Fresh Group held the first annual technical summit on July 5-8, 2021. This is a four-half-day activity filled with information from various operations or division of Bounty Fresh Group. It is done via Zoom.

Some divisions discussed how their pest control takes place in their operations while others discussed few things-to-know like how the Bounty Fresh Eggs arrived from the farms to your table.

In our division, I was assigned to discuss or present about the sanitation and biosecurity protocols implemented in the feed milling operation.

At first, I don't know what will be the content of my presentation. After few days of thinking, I decided to present the difference between cleaning and sanitation where these two words commonly known to be similar.

The high risk areas where the growth of bacteria was indetified and how it should be cleaned and sanitized.

I also share few information on how bacteria grows accompanied with moving photos of bacteria under a Digital Microscope with camera attachment.

Furthermore, the different biosecurity protocols in the feed mill is also shown from the the entrance where hndwashing and foot dip is a must, spraying of trucks upon entering the compound, and personnel hygiene.

Though all of the presentations are limited to 45 mintues and another 15 minutes for question and answers, I am sure that all of the participants and viewers learned a lot.

The summit went well although there are some technical glitches during the first day.

Doing the presentation took me about 2 weeks to finish from creating draft to placing it into powerpoint with complete animations and other effects to attract the atterntion of the audience.
Thank you Mommy for this simple documentation.
We are looking forward for the next year's technical summit.

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