July 31, 2021

Kuya Matthew's First Stage of Adolescence

A week ago, our Kuya Matthew had his circumcision.

He prepared for that day. He watches videos and reads information about circumcision. Although this is not recommended especially for kids who are afraid to undergo the operation.

I know he is very nervous on that day but he managed to smile and show how strong he is.

Upon entering the clinic, he was checked first by Doc Weng. By the way, Doc Weng is the OBGyn that delivers Matthew 11 years ago. Checking is done to determine if Kuya Matthew is already “sakat”

Unfortunately, our Kuya is not yet, and out of nervousness, I guess, he said that he didn’t want to have the circumcision. With this, Doc Weng left us and have a final decision.

After several convincing statements and telling him, “Andito na tayo, magba-back out ka pa? Magaantay ka na naman ng isang taon. Ituloy na natin para matapos na.”

He finally agreed.

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Kuya Matthew and I in the waiting area

While in the waiting area, Matthew keeps on telling stories about what he watched and read about circumcision. So I also shared my own experience.

The nurse came and asked Kuya Matthew to enter the operating room. He walks calmly and smiles while entering the room. "Wow, ang tapang ni Kuya." as the nurse assist him.

After few minutes, I was called by the nurse to enter the room because our Kuya Matthew needs moral support.

Upon entering the room, he was already lying on the bed and ready for the injection of the anesthetic. He screams while holding my hand too tight as the injection started.

During the procedure, Kuya wanted to be updated on what they are doing to him. He is also telling what he felt.

“Ano po yun, parang may iniipit.”
“Nagupit nap o ba ung balat?”
“Kasi parang may ginugupit na.”

Furthermore, he keeps on asking things allowed after the operation like:

"Mas masakit po pala ugn sa pukpok kaysa sa clinic."

"Pwede po ba akong magcellphone?"

"Okay lang po ba akong maligo? Okay lang po ban a mabasa ung sugat?"

"Paano po ako matutulog? Malikot po ako matulog. Baka madapaan ko."

Doc Weng is laughing and said, “Dami nyang considertions no?”

Since he is not yet “sakat”, he felt pain as Doc Weng pulls the skin. So she added another shot of anesthetic.

After few minutes, the procedure is done.

Now he is recovering fast. After a week, he can stand and walk normally, although the wounds are not yet fully healed. He also managed to take a bath on his own. But I was still there helping him in dressing the wounds.

Time flies so fast that our Kuya Matthew is entering the adolescence stage.

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