July 13, 2021

Laboratory Equipment That's Resistant to Dust Can Improve Experiments

Laboratory Equipment That's Resistant to Dust Can Improve Experiments
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In laboratory settings, it's very important to try to eliminate as many confounding variables as possible. Researchers try to account for these variables by designing their experiments as carefully as possible.

Unexpected Variables

However, small environmental factors can also become confounding variables. Many researchers will try to keep their laboratories and laboratory equipment as clean as possible to make sure that the outcomes of the experiments aren't influenced by something as simple as dust or dirt.

Still, some types of lab equipment are still more difficult to properly clean and sterilize than others. The act of cleaning and sterilizing the equipment might also affect important results if some cleaning residues aren't completely eliminated once the devices have been put into use again.

Cleaner Equipment

Purchasing equipment that is naturally more resistant to dust and other debris can help researchers get around these issues. When they get 2mag equipment and similar types of laboratory equipment, they'll automatically avoid many of the problems that can occur because of lab equipment that is difficult to clean and maintain.

Equipment that is resistant to dust will also be less likely to get contaminated when it is currently in use. Labs are cleaned constantly, but given the way dust is formed, preventing it from getting inside a laboratory at all can be challenging.

The equipment that gets dusty in the meantime might still have a negative effect on experiments, even if the lab equipment was cleaned very recently. Those cleaning processes will only take care of the dust that was already in place, and not the dust that affected the equipment afterwards.

Getting the right equipment initially can have a powerful effect on any experiment. In some cases, researchers just need to make sure that they get equipment that won't get dirty at the wrong time.

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