July 13, 2021

How the Pandemic Changed Kitchen and Bath Design

How the Pandemic Changed Kitchen and Bath Design

The coronavirus pandemic changed the way we live and work, and the impact it's had on kitchen and bath design cannot be overstated. Experts are now weighing in on a post-pandemic world and the anticipated kitchen and bath designs of the future, including the emphasis now being placed on hygiene and safety in the home.

Some of the bigger trends to emerge looking like this.

A different kind of design

Granite is made up of a variety of minerals and comes in shades such as grey, white, pink, and black. That's why it's no surprise the colors and textures of granite — including those that are bold and dramatic — are getting a new look and renewed appreciation from homeowners eager to express themselves while creating a unique and vibrant space full of hopefulness and optimism.

Others seeking a different look to a new kitchen space might opt for quartz, marble, or other materials that provide a natural beauty and make a statement. No matter what, with people showing off their homes via Zoom or other teleconferencing software, they're anxious to display a space that is anything but dated and mundane.

True functionality and durability

Homeowners reimagining their kitchens and bathrooms want countertops that can handle the mess of everyday life. They're looking for things like:
  • Stain resistance - The natural hardness of granite gives it true resistance to staining.
  • Water-resistance - Granite is known for its ability to resist moisture.
  • Scratch/scuff resistance - Granite is incredibly resistant to scratches and other normal wear and tear. Quartz and marble also provide similar durability and resist chipping and cracking.
  • No-fuss - Everyone wants countertops that are quick to wipe down and easy to clean and maintain.
A turn to hygiene and waste management

Many people considering new countertops in a kitchen or bath do so for the cleanliness and washability of the material. Now more than ever, homeowners want easy-to-clean surfaces and countertops that are durable and will hold up to years of normal use. Others want their designs to incorporate space for separate hand washing stations or have antimicrobial surfaces.

In the kitchen, a separate space for sorting and recycling food waste is becoming more prevalent. Many people want a designated food preparation area that can be the focal point for chopping, peeling, and other cooking duties, while the remainder of the area serves as a multi-purpose space.

If you're thinking about a Kitchen & Bath by Design, you'll want skilled craftsmen to handle the job and experts who focus on the quality of the work they're producing. It will give you that inspired kitchen concept or bathroom oasis you've been dreaming about in a post-pandemic world.

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