January 5, 2022

5 Household Tasks You Can Outsource

5 Household Tasks You Can Outsource
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Managing a home takes a lot of work, and that work multiplies with every person living there. In a world where everyone is on the go – parents and kids alike – few people have the time necessary to complete all their household tasks.

When they do have a few minutes, they’d prefer to spend it with their family, resting, or doing something enjoyable. If you’re looking for a way to care for your home and still have time, consider outsourcing the following five tasks.


Laundry is a full-time job. It only takes one missed day for the pile to grow to astronomical proportions. However, you can choose to pay a laundry service to do it for you, which can save you hours each week.

You have two choices when it comes to outsourcing laundry. You can load it into your car, drop it off, and pick it up. Or you can use a laundry delivery and pickup service to make the task even easier.


Whether you hire a teenager down the street or a professional service, having someone come in to do your weekly cleaning is a big help. You can also have someone come in to manage your deep cleaning tasks every few months.

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a monstrous – and expensive – task. Driving back and forth to the store, pushing your way up and down the aisles, and standing in line can take hours.

Additionally, statistics show that Americans spend up to $5,400 per year on impulse purchases – 70.5% of which is spent on groceries. Instead of spending valuable time and money in the grocery store, let someone else do it for you.

Many stores, like Walmart, allow you to shop and schedule your grocery delivery online. There is a fee associated with this, but it’s nowhere near $5,400 per year. And you can even save on the fee if you pay for a monthly membership.

Pet Care Tasks

Everything from walking and grooming your pet to shopping for them can be outsourced. There are many mobile groomers and dog walkers available who will come to your home. And, like your groceries, you can get pet supplies delivered.

Outdoor Work

Some people enjoy working outside in their yard, but not everyone has the time to get it all done. Consider hiring someone to take care of the tasks you can’t do so that you can spend your time doing the outdoor work you love. For instance, you might hire someone to mow the lawn but take care of the flower beds yourself.

Outsourcing these five tasks can save you time and money. Consider putting these services to work so that you can put your resources into what means the most to you.

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