January 6, 2022

The Qualities of Cotton

The Qualities of Cotton

Cotton is a very common and cheap type of fabric material and, as such, it is used in many different types of textile products. However, it is not always the best material for your textile project. Look at the different qualities of cotton below and see if you are making the best choice when you choose cotton for your next fabric project.

It’s Durable, Soft and Breathable

Cotton is very soft, mostly due to the properties of the plant itself. As the fibers of cotton plants are soft and fluffy, so are the fabrics that cotton makes. Also, because cotton fibers tend to have a lot of space between them, cotton fabric is very breathable. Surprisingly, these factors don’t affect its durability. Somehow, despite the space between the cotton fibers, cotton fabrics do not tear easily. For this reason, cotton is great for long-lasting clothing and home decor, like quilts. So check out some cotton quilting fabrics the next time that you want to make a quilt.

It’s Absorbant, but not Conductive

Due to the fact that cotton fibers are spaced far apart, cotton fibers easily take in a lot of water. However, this doesn’t seem to affect how well the cotton fibers conduct electricity. In fact, they barely hold any static at all. This means that they are unlikely to stick together and make it difficult to pull them apart. In that case, cotton is very useful for fabrics where absorption is needed, such as with towels and dishrags, and with materials that you don’t want to stick to each other, such as bed sheets and fitted sheets.

The properties of the material that you use in a fabric project can make the project work well or make it work poorly. This goes not just for cotton, but for any material. So make sure that you look up the qualities of fabric materials before you choose a fabric for your project. 

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