January 17, 2022

When To Replace Your Insulation

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Attics are a necessary space in any home, but making sure that they are well insulated can help prevent energy loss and help to prevent your home energy bills from skyrocketing. The right attic insulation can help keep your home from losing heat and cool air and can also help to ensure that your attic is in great shape.

Attic insulation is either fluffy fiberglass insulation or spray foam that is generally installed in the home when the home is first built. This is done at this point since it is easier to install insulation when there are not walls and finishes in the way. Insulation is important as it helps to keep your energy bills low and helps to prevent heat loss as heat rises in your home.

Insulation helps to slow the loss of heat in your home and helps to keep your home warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer.

When Should You Replace Insulation?
When it comes to attic insulation, it is not necessary to replace it every year, but every few years it may be beneficial to take a look at your insulation. As insulation ages it can deteriorate, it can biodegrade, it can get wet and it can be torn up by pests that have made your attic home. When this happens, it may be necessary to have it fully replaced or to have it repaired.

The best way to know if your insulation needs to be replaced is to hire a professional company to inspect it. If you have had roof damage and suspect that your insulation may have gotten wet, if you have had a pest problem, or if your insulation is very old you may want to consider replacing or upgrading your insulation.

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